We repeat the success from last year and the first full weekend in May (6-8 May) it breaks loose with Tattoo weekend 2022!

How does it work?

A ticket = a tattoo from a motif sheet (If you want more tattoos, you must have a ticket for each tattoo)

What tattoo designs can I choose from?

You can choose freely between the motifs on our motif sheets. The size of the motifs varies but will not exceed 5 cm in height or width. Some motifs will have options in different sizes while other motifs have a fixed size.

Waiting time

Reservations are made that there may be both a queue outside the studio and waiting time inside the room. Remember to dress according to the weather conditions.

Ticket control

To limit queues, please arrive at the time you have a ticket for. Have tickets and identification ready at the entrance for ticket and age control.


  • 18 years of age

  • Purchased tickets – or unused tickets are not refundable.

  • The ticket holder must fill out a self-declaration form in advance of the tattoo procedure.

  • We reserve the right to refrain from performing the tattoo procedure if you appear under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or if you take drugs before or during the tattoo weekend.

Selected motif sheets

Choose from over 100 different designs

Motif sheet 5 cm

Motivark 3 cm

Motif sheet 1.5 cm

Covid-19 measures and rules

Entrance control

Ticket and age check is done at the entrance. Only 4 participants can stay in the room at a time.

Disinfect by hand

Disinfect hands on arrival and when leaving the room.

Keep your distance

Keep at least 1 meter away from other participants in the room.

Digital self-declaration

Each participant must complete our digital self-declaration form before the tattoo procedure can be performed.

Wear a face mask

Mouthpieces are mandatory in the room, it is possible to buy disposable mouthpieces in the room for NOK 20

Do not bring friends

The studio is only open to participants with a valid ticket, and you can therefore not bring people without a ticket

Contact surfaces

All contact surfaces are disinfected regularly between each customer

You can not come to the studio if you:

Is sick

You can not come to the studio if you have a fever or symptoms of a respiratory infection. You can also not come to the studio if you are ill

Confirmed Covid-19

You can not come to the studio if you or someone you live with has had covid-19 confirmed or if you or someone you live with has been in close contact with a person who has had covid-19 confirmed

Is in quarantine

You can not come to the studio if you are subject to duty of quarantine or isolation.

Recently been abroad

You can not come to the studio if you have been abroad during the last 14 days

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