Partial payment

Installment payment.

At Inspirit Tattoo, you can split the payment interest-free for up to 2 years!

Delbetaling, tatover deg nå, betal senere


How it works

In collaboration with Resurs Bank, we give you the opportunity to pay in a way that suits you. We offer a variety of payment options, and you choose the one that suits you best when you receive your first invoice.

We always offer 30-60 days free credit. This means that it always takes at least one month before you have to pay.

To apply, you must be over 18 years old, give consent to a standard credit check and be without payment remarks. It is a security requirement that your application is signed with BankID.

A little more freedom

The table below shows examples of how you can pay in installments and what it costs.

Credit amount
10 000 kr
30 000 kr
50 000 kr
12 months
834 kr
2 500 kr
4 176 kr
24 months
444 kr
1 332 kr
2 220 kr
36 months
339 kr
1 017 kr
1 694 kr
48 months
280 kr
839 kr
1 398 kr
Floating annual interest rate
Admin fee
Establishment fee**
12 months
0 %
45 kr
497 kr
24 months
0 %
45 kr
497 kr
36 months
12,96 %
45 kr
497 kr
48 months
14,88 %
45 kr
497 kr

The monthly amount includes any interest. To be able to pay in installments, the total monthly purchase must be at least 1,000 NOK. All amounts are rounded up to the nearest krone.

*Accrues every month.

**Accrues in month 2 for each selected installment plan.

Get a tattoo for 15000 NOK
Pay a total of 16037 NOK.

Partial payments:
12 st
Monthly amount:
1 295 kr
Admin fee/month:
45 kr
Establishment fee:
497 kr
Annual interest:
0 %
Effective interest rate:
12,45 %

If you have further questions about installment payments, please contact customer service at Resurs Bank.

Also see Standardized European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI form).

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