What does a tattoo cost?

What does a tattoo cost?

How much does a tattoo cost is a question we often get from those who want to get a tattoo. It is natural that this is something you wonder about when you want to buy a product or service, you want to know in advance how much money must be calculated and if you can afford it. Either way, it can be a difficult question to answer without knowing anything about what kind of tattoo you are looking for. Maybe you are looking for a minimalist tattoo on your wrist or maybe you are planning a sleeve in realism.


There are various factors that affect the cost of a tattoo. Here we go through the factors we use when we calculate price.

1. Minimum price

Starting a tattoo process costs both time and money. For each hourly appointment, time is spent on administration, preparation of the design and workstation, cleaning, information and communication with the customer. No matter how small the tattoo you want is, time will be spent on it. Therefore, we have a minimum price of 1200 kroner for black and white tattoos and 1500 kroner for color tattoos.

2. Time consumption

For each appointment, we will calculate in advance how much time must be calculated on the design of the tattoo, how much equipment must be used and the number of hours spent on the execution of the tattoo. Based on this calculation, we will be able to give you a price estimate. The price estimate is binding on us, and we can not increase the price unless changes are made to the tattoo’s design, size or body position that will affect the time spent on the execution of the tattoo and -or how much equipment must be used.

4. Body position and skin

How the skin is tattooed is very individual, both when it comes to body position and person. There is often a difference in how receptive the skin is to tattoo inks. Some people have skin that will immediately try to separate the tattoo ink from the skin, while others have skin that will accept the tattoo ink more easily.

Body placements such as ribs will often be more costly and time consuming than what a forearm is, for example. The reason for this is that the skin is different and very thin, there can also be some movement as a result of uncontrolled breathing.

5. Equipment

During the tattooing process, a number of different equipment is used, such as tattoo inks and tattoo needles. The tattoo needles used and the tattoo ink that is in the ink cup are disposable equipment that is not reused. There can be several different tattoo needles on a tattoo, and the same goes for tattoo inks. A number of other disposable equipment and consumables are also used, such as gloves, paper, medical soap, antibac, stencil paper, skin markers and protective covers for recycled equipment. The cost of disposable equipment and part of the cost of the reusable equipment is something that is included in the price of each tattoo.


Our hourly rates are indicative and may differ in cases where, for example, you have to take several different tattoos at the same time, in these cases there will be a surcharge that is clarified in advance when booking an appointment.

Up to 1 hour
1500 kroner
Hourly rate
1200 kroner
Hourly rate (Color)
1500 kroner


The price of a full sleeve is very variable as there will be a need for more sessions. There are several factors that determine how many sessions you need, such as the size of the arm, if there is a lot of body mass to be tattooed, you must calculate that several sessions will be necessary, another factor is the duration of a session. Here the question is how receptive the skin of the individual customer is to tattoo ink, and how long the customer is able to handle the pain and discomfort. Other influencing factors are the thickness of the skin and skin tone

A full sleeve usually costs between 30,000 – 60,000 kroner, but it can also cost more since there are many factors that can affect the total price. In any case, we will be able to give you a price estimate in advance.

What does a full day session cost?
A full day session is 6 to 7 hours and costs 8000 kroner for black and white tattoos – and 10,000 kroner for color tattoos.
If you sit longer than 7 hours, you will be charged with 1000 kroner extra per. commenced hour.

Hourly rate
If the sleeve is made with an hourly rate, we follow the following hourly rates


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